January 7, 2022

Key Components that are Successful for Remote Work

Laura Durfee is the Talent Acquisition Director at DNSFilter and was interviewed by Hailey, an add-on app used in Slack that helps remote companies feel more connected.

"Where do you work? What do you do there?"

I am the Talent Acquisition Director for DNSFilter, a cybersecurity company that specializes in security via DNS. I was hired to build a recruitment function from the ground up. We are currently creating a scalable and predictable hiring process so we can attract amazing talent while keeping up with the company’s rapid growth.

"What are the components of a strong remote culture?"

Transparency and respect allow remote cultures to thrive.

When leaders take an active role in ensuring everyone feels “invited to the table” it ensures remote employees feel connected to the company mission, values, and business objectives. A regular cadence of All Hands meetings, department updates, 1:1s, and lunch and learns are great ways for employees to be informed of key things happening within the organization.

It is also helpful to hire people who demonstrate respect. At DNSFilter, when a colleague says they are going to get something done, you can trust that they will deliver. The team never has to guess if work is actually getting done. And because of our remote culture, different perspectives and unique backgrounds lend themselves to creative solutions to complex problems.

Respect is so important to us that demonstrating respect is one of our five core values.

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