Former Duo Security Co-Founder Jon Oberheide Joins DNSFilter Board

Cybersecurity Expert and Proven Entrepreneur to Help Protective DNS Leader Drive Vision and Scale through Hypergrowth 

Washington, D.C. - June 22, 2023 – DNSFilter today announced that Jon Oberheide, former Duo Security co-founder and CTO, has joined the company's board of directors. A strategic appointment to the board, Oberheide will support the company as it continues its mission to make the internet more secure via DNS, with a specific focus on long-term strategy and supporting scale through hypergrowth.

"DNSFilter has an incredible founding team, great chemistry, and proven technology—all things I look for when joining a board," said Oberheide. "And unlike other buzzy, flash-in-the-pan security acronyms, DNSFilter provides fundamental security controls that are easy to deploy and accessible to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to larger Fortune 500 corporations. I'm excited to join the team and for the opportunity to help scale the company to new heights." 

DNSFilter delivers Protective DNS and content filtering solutions powered by Machine Learning. The offering protects organizations from phishing, malware, and other advanced internet-based threats.

The appointment comes at a time of rapid growth and recognition for DNSFilter. The company has grown roughly 250% since January 2021, and now supports more than 26 million monthly users and over 2 trillion monthly DNS queries.

Last year, the company was highlighted as one of the most innovative and compelling technologies to address cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities through the SINET16 Innovator award. DNSFilter was also named a 2022 Black Unicorn award winner, which honors cybersecurity companies predicted to be worth $1 billion in market value in three to five years. In 2022, the company also acquired firewall and VPN platform provider Guardian to more effectively protect users information and secure organizations against web-based threats. 

"As someone who has scaled a cyber company, I’m happy to have Jon in our corner to give us guidance as we continue to grow and build our offering," said Ken Carnesi, CEO, DNSFilter. "He's a proven entrepreneur that puts in time with the companies he advises, shares lessons learned, and offers prescriptive advice on getting to the next level. We're honored to have him on our board sharing strategic advice for our next stage of growth." 

Oberheide is a board member, advisor, and investor focused on cybersecurity and enterprise SaaS companies. In 2009, he co-founded Duo Security, serving as the CTO. Cisco acquired the company for $2.35 billion in 2018. Over its 12-year journey, Duo Security scaled from zero to 30,000 customers, $500 million ARR and over one thousand full-time employees. Prior, Oberheide was a security researcher. He completed his bachelor's, master's and doctorate in cybersecurity from the University of Michigan.   

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About DNSFilter  

DNSFilter is redefining how organizations secure their largest threat vector: the Internet itself. DNSFilter is making the internet safer and workplaces more productive. In 2022 the threat protection leader blocked 9.1 billion threats, more than any other threat detection software globally. With 70% of attacks involving the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, DNSFilter provides Protective DNS powered by machine learning that uniquely identifies 61% more threats than competitors on an average of seven days earlier, including zero-day attacks.

Over 26 million monthly users trust DNSFilter to protect them from phishing, malware, and advanced cyber threats. DNSFilter’s brands include Webshrinker, it’s next generation web categorization software and Guardian, a consumer app focused on privacy protection.

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