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dnsfilter ai driven dns securitydnsfilter ai driven dns security

Content Filtering Defined

Content filtering is the act of blocking unwanted web content and allowing “appropriate” or “favorable” content to be visitable. At DNSFilter, we do content filtering at the DNS level backed by our AI, Webshrinker.

Content filtering is more than just blocking social media and streaming services on work devices. It’s also an important form of web security that keeps phishing, malware, ransomware, botnet, and other threats from infecting your corporate devices.

Our AI has been trained to categorize never-before-seen sites, meaning we have the most accurate and up-to-date content classification available. DNSFilter customers can choose from over 35 content categories, 7 threat categories, and safe search options that they can block or allow. This gives our users the ability to completely customize the content they’d like to block and allow.

Battling Child Abuse Online

We recognize that websites should never be viewed. And more than that, when images of child sexual abuse are found online, they need to be removed. This is why we've partnered with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Project Arachnid.

These organizations, based in the UK and Canada respectively, are doing incredibly important work and we are proud to partner with them in their fight to end the cycle of child sexual abuse.

The IWF and Project Arachnid's domain feeds are automatically blocked on the DNSFilter network and are the only category on our network that cannot be turned off.

dnsfilter ai driven dns securitycipa compliance dnsfilter

One-Click CIPA Compliance

For schools or libraries that need to gain CIPA compliance, it's as easy as one click with DNSFilter.

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) started in the early 2000s as a way to keep children safe online while in public places. Schools and libraries are only eligible for e-rate funding when they achieve CIPA compliance.

CIPA compliance includes restricting access to inappropriate and harmful internet content while creating a safe and secure place for students to use online communications.

Learn more about DNS filtering for education.

dnsfilter ai powered dns securitydnsfilter ai driven dns security

Start Filtering in Minutes

Get up and running with DNSFilter in just minutes. Content filtering for businesses has never been easier. Create unique filtering policies based on the needs of your organization. Block the content categories that help you increase employee productivity. Block the threat categories that can lead to a data breach. Block the inappropriate content that shouldn’t be present in your workplace.

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DNSFilter Content Filtering Categories

Adult Content
Alcohol & Tobacco
Blog & Personal Sites
Dating & Personals
Economy & Finance
Education & Self Help
Food & Recipes
Hacking & Cracking
Information Technology
Jobs & Careers
Media Sharing
Message Boards
News & Media
P2P & Illegal
Real Estate
Search Engines
Social Networking
Streaming Media
Terrorism & Hate
Virtual Reality
Webmail & Chat

Block Website Content at the DNS Level

When you filter website content at the DNS level, you’re able to block threats and traffic to inappropriate websites earlier than other methods like traditional firewalls. Blocking content at the DNS layer means fewer threats get through your defenses and inappropriate sites aren’t as easily circumvented. Stopping the DNS request means that a website you want to block is never seen by the end user, preventing any harm that can be done by that site.

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