DNSFilter vs. Cisco Security manager

A Cisco Security Manager alternative

Enterprise Content Filtering

DNSFilter was founded as a marketplace alternative to Cisco Umbrella (used by Cisco Security Manager).

We have quickly grown to be an industry leader in DNS-based content and security filtering. Below is a head-to-head comparison with Cisco Security Manager:

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Cisco Security Manager Vs. DNSFilter

Cisco Security Manager
Stable & Global Network
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
LAN Proxy/Virtual Appliance
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Desktop Roaming Clients
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Mobile Roaming Clients
apple and android roaming clients
apple roaming clients
Imagery-based Anti-phishing
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
AI-based Domain Categorization
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Hear from customers who ditched Cisco for a better content filter

"We've been incredibly happy with DNSFilter!"

At our school, we switched from Cisco Umbrella to DNSFilter just before the 2019-20 school year and couldn't be happier. The initial setup only took 30 minutes or so, and that included creating a custom block page with our logo. Filtering is set by categories, blacklists, and whitelists. In addition, there are options to block threats like cryptomining, malware, phishing, proxies, and others. You can also create different policies based on the source IP address. So, we could have the faculty and staff VLAN have one policy while the student VLANs have different policies. The pricing is also great in comparison to Cisco Umbrella.

"Great Content Filtering / Easy to Use"

We switched from Cisco Umbrella to DNSFilter about 3 years ago, primarily to save some money.
We couldn't be happier with the switch. The speed is incredible, the interface is easy to use, it offers useful reporting and tools, and policy changes are implemented immediately instead of having to wait 15 minutes like with Umbrella.

"DNSFilter is the best value for money in content filtering we've found"

OpenDNS went from free to unaffordable under Cisco. DYN got bought by Oracle, which then shuttered DYN's Internet Guardian. It was almost as if the market was conspiring to take away all affordable options. We were thrilled when we found DNSFilter (to their credit, the DYN people referred us!) DNSFilter gave us sound filtering at a very affordable price.

We have quickly grown to be the leader in DNS security

Faster response time

We operate the largest amount of datacenter locations in the industry so you get a lightning fast connection, no matter where you are. Need proof? We publish our network stats in real-time at DNSperf.com.

dns threat protection powered by machine learning
Ready to resell

We provide a multi-tenant dashboard and full-service whitelabeling—something Cisco Umbrella can’t offer. We also share whitelabeled materials for our MSP partners to help them succeed.

dns threat protection powered by machine learning
Stellar support

DNSFilter places a lot of focus on providing you with support that is friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible. Our onboarding experience can get you started filtering in just under 5 minutes

dns threat protection powered by machine learning
Ongoing optimizations

When’s the last time Cisco Security Manager added a major feature? From improving UI and reporting to adding features our customers need, we haven’t stopped iterating on a product our users love.

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