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What do you need in a content filter in the year 2021? You need a solution that’s built with the future in mind. If you’re choosing between WebTitan and DNSFilter, it’s clear that one solution has a pulse on what’s expected of a modern web application. You need a solution that:

• Is simple to navigate
• Generates beautiful reports
• Adds new features regularly
• Gives you the integrations you need

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WebTitan Vs. DNSFilter

Desktop Roaming Clients
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Mobile Roaming Clients
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
LAN Proxy / Virtual Appliance
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Imagery-based Anti-phishing
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Time it Takes to Reflect Policy Changes
Up to 30 minutes
Whitelabeled for Resale
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Ability to Vote on New Features
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Updated UI
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Azure Active Directory Integration
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

User Interface Matters

Some applications just aren’t fun to work in. We may be biased, but we think DNSFilter’s UI is cleaner, easier, and just makes more sense than WebTitan’s. If you’re looking for a WebTitan alternative, you likely already know that the WebTitan interface leaves something to be desired. But in case you haven’t experienced it yet, here’s a head-to-head of some key features.

Built for Speed

Unlike WebTitan, DNSFilter is built for speed. We are one of the fastest DNS resolvers on the market (check out our stats at DNSperf.com), and we place a lot of value on the ability to give our customers timely insights. We believe you should have access to reporting with minimal lag. Not only is our network fast, but our application is fast, too. If someone asks you about a page that’s recently been blocked, you’ll be able to see it instead of waiting.

We have quickly grown to be the leader in DNS security

Global Anycast Network

A global network means no global outages ever. Having a redundant, reliable network is why over 14,000 brands trust us with their DNS queries. And we won’t slow down their network. Learn more at DNSperf.com.

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Ready to resell

We provide a multi-tenant dashboard and full-service whitelabeling—something WebTitan doesn’t offer. We also share whitelabeled materials for our MSP partners to help them succeed.

dns threat protection powered by machine learning
Stellar support

DNSFilter places a lot of focus on providing you with support that is friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible. Our onboarding experience can get you started filtering in just under 5 minutes.

dns threat protection powered by machine learning
Intuitive, Easy UI

DNSFilter’s user interface provides the simplest user experience out there. From an at-a-glance dashboard to our query log, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for. No deep dives required.

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