DNSFilter® is often compared to on-premise solutions by leading hardware vendors. Our cloud-delivered solution offers several advantages over on-premise equipment. This is especially true if you are an organization with multiple locations and roaming users.

No Maintenance

DNSFilter is easily installed within any existing environment. The ubiquitous nature of DNS means that you simply have to point your site DNS traffic to our cloud servers. After that, no on-site visits are necessary. Everything can be conveniently managed from an online dashboard. Unlike hardware solutions, you don’t have to worry about power outages or outdated/failed equipment.

Global Network

DNSFilter operates the largest amount of datacenter locations in the industry. We are also the fastest DNS provider in North America. This means you get a lightning fast connection to our servers, even while your users are roaming. With hardware solutions, you are limited both in bandwidth and geography. As the amount of users increase, so does the strain on your filtering appliance. DNSFilter allows users to connect from anywhere and receive filtering, rather than being forced to VPN back to your hardware appliance.

Cost Savings

You can save exponentially by using DNSFilter compared to an on-premise device. Our service scales easily and automatically with the amount of traffic from your network. Our realtime A.I. scanner ensures that your users are always protected from the latest threats and filtered from accessing the newest inappropriate websites. Unlike hardware solutions, you don’t have to worry about extra maintenance costs associated with broken or aging hardware.

Customers who switch to DNSFilter love the convenience and flexibility of cloud-hosted filtering. Start a 14-day free trial to see how we compare.