The DNSFilter Team

DNSFilter started in 2015, and our team has been steadily growing every since! We’re a team of security-conscious tech nerds and inquisitive professionals. Our mission is to make DNSFilter the best possible DNS security solution out there. Here’s the team that gets that done.

Ken Carnesi_GRAY

Ken Carnesi

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Mike Schroll_GRAY

Mike Schroll

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Brian Gillis_GRAY2

Brian Gillis

Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder


Rachel Salvay

Chief of Staff

Chris Morgan_GRAY

Chris Morgan

Director of Finance

Adam Spotton_GRAY

Adam Spotton

Head of Data Science

Jon Cohen_GRAY

Jon Cohen

Lead Technical Support Engineer

Heron Crestani_GRAY2

Heron Crestani

Development Manager

Josh Lamb_GRAY

Josh Lamb

Marketing Director

Mikey Pruitt_GRAY

Mikey Pruitt

Product Manager

Matt White_300x300_GRAY

Matt White

Sales Manager

Daniel Areiza_GRAY

Daniel Areiza

Backend Engineer

Robson Dias_GRAY2

Robson Dias CorrĂȘa

Frontend Developer

Jordan Dusek_GRAY2

Jordan Dusek

Technical Support Engineer

Rafael Gomes_GRAY2

Rafael Gomes

DevOps Engineer

Jean Guarin_GRAY

Jean Guarin

Backend Developer

Jamie Holland_GRAY

Jamie Holland

Backend Developer

Peter Lowe_GRAY

Peter Lowe

Security Researcher

Rahima Malik_GRAY

Rahima Malik

Technical Support Engineer

Kevin McCarty_GRAY

Kevin McCarty

Account Executive

Ian McLaren_GRAY

Ian McLaren

Business Intelligence Engineer

Ricardo Morel_GRAY2

Ricardo Morel

UI/UX Designer

Heliton Nordt_GRAY

Heliton Nordt

Senior Frontend Developer


Serena Raymond

Content Producer

Kyle Rhodes_GRAY

Kyle Rhodes

Back End Developer Engineer

Joaquin Robles_GRAY

Joaquin Robles

Account Executive

Bri Sheftel_GRAY

Brianna Sheftel

Information Technology Specialist

Keith Snape_GRAY

Keith Snape

Tier II Technical Support Engineer

Mike Sutton_GRAY

Mike Sutton

Marketing Operations Analyst

Suritia Taylor_GRAY

Suritia Taylor

Office Manager

DJ Ulbert_GRAY

DJ Ulbert

Demand Generation Manager

Peter Yinusa_GRAY

Peter Yinusa

QA Lead