Meet the Team

We are a team of networks guys, engineers, and evangelists. We love what we do - and believe it shows in our product and customer satisfaction.

Ken Carnesi

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Schroll

CTO & Co-Founder

Brian Gillis

Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder

Daniel Areiza

Backend Development

Adam Spotton

Head of Data Science

Josh Lamb

Marketing Director

Jordan Dusek

Tech Support Engineer

Heron Crestani

QA / Release Manager

Jean Guarin

Backend Development

Mikey Pruitt

Product Manager

Matt White

Sales Manager

Jon Cohen

Lead Support Engineer

Peter Lowe

Security Researcher

Serena Raymond

Content Producer

Rafael Gomes

DevOps Engineer

Kevin McCarty

Account Executive

Arienne O’Neil

Executive Assistant

Joaquin Robles

Account Executive
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