May 18, 2022

Ultimate Flexibility: 9 Companies With 4-Day Workweeks

The pandemic has shifted how many of us work, with more flexible work schedules now becoming the norm. But at most companies, you’re still expected to work Monday through Friday. However, most Americans would prefer a shorter workweek — a recent survey conducted by found that 95% of Americans want a four-day workweek.

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Fortunately, there are some companies that offer ultimate work flexibility with four-day workweeks and the ability to work remotely. Here’s a look at nine companies offering both of these perks, as identified by FlexJobs.


Cybersecurity company DNSFilter began experimenting with a rotating four-day workweek — where employees get every other Friday off — in August 2021, and by October of that year, the company decided to make it permanent. The company is also fully remote and offers unlimited PTO.

DNSFilter is currently hiring for positions across a number of fields, including marketing, data science and finance.


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