April 29, 2021

Sneak Preview: DNSFilter and N-able Integration

Two million—that’s the rough number of new phishing sites found by Google in 2020. It makes sense this activity would pick up. News events in 2020, from the elections to the pandemic, made it easier for cybercriminals to take advantage of the confusion.

Some phishing sites are obvious fakes. But cybercriminals have grown increasingly adept at creating expert-level forgeries that can trick even the most seasoned security professional, let alone a less savvy user. And it goes beyond sites aimed at stealing someone’s personal information—some fake sites can automatically launch malicious scripts or start a ransomware drive-by download.

That’s why N-able is proud to announce a partnership with DNSFilter. DNSFilter provides next-generation protection against malicious sites and will soon be integrated within N-able™ N-central®. (We are also actively working on an RMM integration.)

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