February 27, 2023

As Web-Based Threats Continue to Escalate, Pax8 adds DNSFilter to MSP Marketplace

MSPs understand that strong and stable security designed to protect their customers requires multiple technologies. From firewalls to web proxies, to SIEM and CASB, and subscribing to real-time, third-party intelligence, it takes a lot these days to ensure risk mitigation.

Even with classic endpoint solutions, the traditional security stack developed over the last few decades does not fully protect users who rely on the Internet – and those users are growing rapidly as more employees work remotely from home and on the road.

DNS layer protection should be fast and secure without impeding productivity for customers. There needs to be a balance between ease, speed, and security. When security is powered by machine learning, the need for manual threat feed management is removed and enables earlier threat detection. Combining all of these elements allows IT and security staff to sleep better at night.

Pax8, a global cloud marketplace offering a wide range of cloud-first applications to MSPs, including cyber-security solutions, has announced a global partnership with DNSFilter to offer DNS layer threat protection solutions.

DNSFilter detects and blocks malicious site content faster than any other DNS resolver on the market, blocking over nine billion threats in 2022, all while maintaining the fastest network in North America, per PerfOps.com.

"Security is top of mind for Pax8 and every MSP and their clients, as attacks continue to wreak havoc on every industry at alarming rates," said Nikki Meyer, CVP of Vendor Alliances at Pax8. "We're thrilled to add the monitoring and filtering capabilities of DNSFilter to the security offerings provided by Pax8. This will empower our partners to provide critical security protection to their customers."

Founded in 2015, DNSFilter's tools are easy to deploy across clients and are top-rated among 2,000 MSP organizations that utilize the company's unique Threat Protection service. DNSFilter's powerful reporting and management capabilities were specifically built for MSPs. DNSFilter is deployable through individual devices via roaming clients or...

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Why Customers Love DNSFilter

We’re extremely customer focused because we want to do right by our customers. At DNSFilter, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive email support.

Our range of badges from G2, Capterra, Gartner, and other review sites put a spotlight on why so many organizations trust DNSFilter for their DNS security protection.

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