February 2, 2022

Featured in Built In "31 companies merging AI & cybersecurity"

By the year 2021, cybercrime losses will cost upwards of $6 trillion annually. It's no surprise, then, that the cybersecurity industry is exploding as it grows to protect the networks and systems on which companies and organizations operate and store data.

Because effective information security requires smarter detection, many cybersecurity companies are upping their game by using artificial intelligence to achieve that goal. A new wave of AI-powered solutions and products keep bad actors on their toes while giving IT teams much needed relief.

Here are 31 companies merging artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to make the virtual world safer.

1. DNSFilter

Location: Fully Remote

How it’s using AI in cybersecurity: To defend those navigating internet domain connections, DNSFilter is providing more efficient and comprehensive protection. The company’s content filtering and threat detection system divides threats into 36 categories, allowing for flexibility and peace of mind. Companies can adopt DNSFilter’s roaming clients to tailor security features to the nature of their workforce. This way, businesses can stave off domain-based threats without disrupting their workflows.

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