DNSFilter for MSPs & ISPs

DNSFilter® uses Artificial Intelligence to protect your users from security threats and undesirable content in real time.

Protect Against Online Threats

Traditionally, preventing malware and botnet attacks can be costly and labor intensive – requiring expensive hardware appliances deployed on site. With DNSFilter, this is a thing of the past. By using DNSFilter as your recursive DNS provider, we enable you to seamlessly add malware/threat detection and prevention capabilities in minutes.

DNSFilter uses over 66 data sources and global cloud threat intelligence in order to provide up to the minute data and prevention of threats on your network – even allowing you to deny further CnC (command and control) callbacks when an infected device is introduced into your network. Read more about how DNSFilter’s AI scanner works.

Whitelabeled for MSPs

We love MSPs and ISPs In fact – we were born out of one! Don’t believe us? Read our story – once you know where DNSFilter came from, you’ll understand how we are able to provide the most effective and affordable DNS based web filter in the industry. When we created our offering, we designed it from the ground up with this use case in mind. At DNSFilter, we believe MSPs are our future – most evident in our development road map.

Although all are welcome use our standard dashboard, as an MSP or ISP, you have the option to partner with DNSFilter. Partnering with us provides you with benefits exclusive to DNSFilter partners, and unique within the industry. For example, we’ve worked with hundreds of managed service providers and internet service providers who use DNSFilter on a daily basis in order to build our MSP dashboard.


Restrict Access

The Internet is a cornerstone tool for every business, but can also reduce productivity. Not all employees are wasting time, but DNSFilter allows you to remove the temptation by allowing you to block access to certain domains or high bandwidth activities such as social media, gaming or streaming music sites.


Manage Bandwidth

By implementing DNSFilter on your network, you can control which categories or domains your users can access. This level of control allows you to block bandwidth intensive sites such as streaming media, peer to peer, file sharing or even access to copy written content. In addition to protecting network devices and users, DNSFilter allows you to free up valuable bandwidth to keep your business operating at lightning speed.


DMCA No More

For any network operator, DMCA takedown notices can be a scary thing. DNSFilter helps you stop your students from accessing copy written content network-wide. By selecting a few categories in your network policy or through custom blacklists you can ensure that you can take corrective action and prevent DMCA notices – keeping your network up and running.


100% Uptime. Guaranteed.

DNSFilter’s massive global anycast network has the most global advertised peers in the industry. No need to worry about your projected headcount five years from now, your estimated network usage during peak hours, or that new satellite office you’re opening up in Japan. We’ve got you covered no matter what the present or future holds.

What does this mean?

We’ve engineered an intelligent, global anycast network with over two dozen points of presence across the globe. This allows us to automatically scale, heal, and route your requests to the most responsive location, guaranteeing 100% uptime.

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Endpoint Protection

If your users require roaming, off-network protection that follows them all over the globe, DNSFilter offers a roaming client that you can install on your user’s devices. Our easy to use roaming client is able to be installed either manually or via MDM and does not require a VPN connection. Once installed, it allows for security and filtering policies to be enforced no matter what network you’re connected to.

Whether at an office, hotel or on the road, the DNSFilter roaming client allows granular policy enforcement and reporting down to the device level.

Currently supported on MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android and ChromeOS.


Friendly Wi-Fi with a Click

For service providers or MSPs based in the United Kingdom and Europe, DNSFilter is the fastest way to achieve compliance with Friendly Wi-FiFriendly Wi-Fi is a UK government initiated safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. The Friendly Wi-Fi designation denotes the service meets filtering standards, particularly in areas where children are present.

DNSFilter is a certified member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and provides hard-coded protection against web pages known by the IWF to host indecent images of children or advertisements or links to such content. Our certification means you can know for sure your online experience and the experience of your customers is safe.


Fantastic Support

DNSFilter is extremely customer focused. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive e-mail support.

Our knowledgeable and technically competent support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.


Simple Pricing

No contracts. No commitments. While DNSFilter offers annual commitments, you may enroll in month to month service -allowing for simple commitment-free pricing.

Additionally, we don’t do “license keys” or “per device” pricing – just pay for how many users you have. We understand a user may have multiple devices (it’s 2019!) – so we keep it easy.

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