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DNSFilter Acquires Guardian

DNSFilter has acquired Guardian, a leading cloud Firewall + VPN technology platform. The acquisition allows DNSFilter to provide a robust Secure Web Gateway (SWG) that more effectively protects user information and secures organizations against web-based threats.

Read the press release for more details
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Guardian will be integrated into the DNSFilter app in 2023 to deliver SWG capabilities such as IP filtering, URL filtering, and port filtering. Additionally, we will expand our AppAware directory for easy one-click blocking of risky applications.

We’re invested in improving security and privacy for enterprise organizations. Together, DNSFilter and Guardian will provide a security experience with a more expansive feature set and the customization necessary for complex network architecture.

DNSFilter Features

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

IP Filtering coming soon

Control the IP level traffic on your network

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

Data export

SIEM integration with Amazon S3, Splunk, and more

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

Single sign-on

Securely access DNSFilter

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

url Filtering coming soon

Filtering beyond the domain level

dnsfilter ai powered dns security


One-click Application Blocking

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

insight reporting

Detailed reports, with scheduled reports (arriving fall 2022)

We’re excited for Guardian to join the 
DNSFilter suite of products

dnsfilter suite of products