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Enterprise Content Filtering

What if you could protect every click an employee makes on any device?

The online users at your company don’t have the time or luxury to be slowed down by software that makes accessing websites harder. Everyone needs to get where they’re going as quickly as possible, and you need visibility into all of it.
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dnsfilter ai driven dns security

It's nice to be in control

Whether you’re concerned about blocking threats before they happen or achieving compliance for HR, DNSFilter allows you to take control of the content employees access daily.

You can create custom block and allow lists, apply block policies based on department or campus, and assign schedules so certain content is accessible after work hours.

Our enterprise DNS filtering solution gives companies the insights they need—without delays. As employees navigate to websites and encounter block pages and threats, you get to see all of it.

dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Off-network protection

In this work-from-home world, off-network protection is more important than it ever has been. You need the ability to deploy enterprise content filtering on any device that needs it, from tablets to iPhones. Gain user visibility and reporting.

dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Maintain productivity

Nearly half of all employees admit to surfing the web while they’re at work. You can help champion productivity by preventing distracting (and inappropriate) sites in your workplace. Upper management will love knowing that you’ve put software in place that will help employees get more work done.

Beautiful Reports

From an at-a-glance-view to a deep dive of your network traffic, DNSFilter’s easy-to-use reporting allows you to clearly visualize usage patterns and top destinations across all of your networks.

Activity Reports—Get details and trends for total requests, queries per second, most active networks, and top requests.

Security Threats Report—Quantify the level of protection you’re delivering to your networks and identify the source and frequency of attacks against your networks.

Query Log—Full query log data for troubleshooting investigation, streaming in real time.

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
anycast network

Global Anycast Network

DNSFilter’s massive global anycast network has the most datacenters in the industry. No need to worry about your projected headcount five years from now, your estimated network usage during peak hours, or that new satellite office you’re opening up in Japan. We’ve got you covered no matter what the future holds.

We’ve engineered an intelligent, global anycast network with nearly 50 points of presence across the globe. This allows us to automatically scale, heal, and route your requests to the most responsive location, giving you reliable uptime.

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Fantastic Support

We’re extremely customer focused because we want to do right by our customers. At DNSFilter, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive email support.

Our knowledgeable and technical support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.

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Integration Available

DNSFilter is fully API-driven. Any feature or action our product can perform can be executed via our extensive API—from creating users and organizations to changing policies and creating reports. Our inherent focus on flexibility makes DNSFilter the perfect companion to integrate with your product, application or automation!

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“DNSFilter is a constantly evolving product...Just stupid easy.”

Glenn Porter
President of 5th Gear Technology Concepts

“In the last two years with Umbrella, we saw zero progress.”

Tobias Linder
Technical Director of anykey
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

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