DNSFilter for Education

We get Education. Many K-12 schools and Universities chose DNSFilter® for their internet content filtering and threat protection needs. With affordable education-only pricing, a beautiful interface and many of the most advanced and effective features in the industry, DNSFilter is a no-brainer.

Stop Security Threats

Traditionally, preventing malware and botnet attacks can be costly and labor intensive – requiring expensive hardware appliances deployed on site. With DNSFilter, this is a thing of the past. By using DNSFilter as your recursive DNS provider, we enable you to seamlessly add malware/threat detection and prevention capabilities in minutes.

DNSFilter uses over 66 external data sources and global cloud threat intelligence in order to provide up to the minute data and prevention of threats on your network – even allowing you to deny further CnC (command and control) callbacks when an infected device is introduced into your network. Read more about how DNSFilter’s AI scanner works.


Perfect for 1:1

If your users require roaming, off-network protection that follows them all over the globe, DNSFilter offers a roaming client that you can install on your user’s devices. Our easy to use client is able to be installed either manually or via MDM and does not require a VPN connection. Once installed, it allows for security and filtering policies to be enforced no matter what network you’re connected to.

Whether at an office, hotel or on the road, the DNSFilter roaming client allows granular policy enforcement and reporting down to the device level.

Currently supported on MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android and ChromeOS.


Restrict Access

DNSFilter’s content filtering component allows you to introduce and enforce an acceptable use policy in minutes, without requiring any hardware appliances or software installed on each device.

Start building your web content filtering policy by selecting the categories you want to block. Simply tell DNSFilter what type of websites you want to block – Adult Content, Illegal Content, Streaming Media, Chat & Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc. – and we’ll do the rest. Our proprietary internet filtering algorithms intelligently categorize sites so you don’t have to constantly maintain a list of blocked sites. You can even enforce Google SafeSearchYouTube restricted mode, and block uncategorized/unknown sites so nothing slips through the cracks.

Additionally, DNSFilter is the only content filtering provider that has an intelligent learning algorithm which allows for real-time categorization of unknown domains. This crucial piece of technology is what allows DNSFilter to achieve the highest rate of content filtering effectiveness in the industry.


Manage Bandwidth

By implementing DNSFilter on your network, you can control which categories or domains your users can access. This level of control allows you to block bandwidth intensive sites such as streaming media, peer to peer, file sharing or even access to copy written content. In addition to protecting network devices and users, DNSFilter allows you to free up valuable bandwidth to keep your business operating at lightning speed.


Infinitely Scalable

DNSFilter is able to secure and filter many thousands of devices instantly via a deployment process that takes less than five minutes. Thanks to our extensive global anycast network, there are no site-specific settings to be concerned with – simply apply our DNS resolvers at all of your locations and you’re done!


CIPA Compliance in Minutes

Although the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was introduced over fifteen years ago, most options for compliance have only become more cumbersome and complex – until DNSFilter. DNSFilter is the most cost and time effective manner to achieve CIPA compliance. DNSFilter allows educational institutions to filter and secure any device on the network, whether school or student owned.

Help your customers achieve E-rate funding regulations by using DNSFilter to comply with CIPA in mere minutes.


DMCA No More

For any network operator, DMCA takedown notices can be a scary thing. DNSFilter helps you stop your students from accessing copy written content network-wide. By selecting a few categories in your network policy or through custom blacklists you can ensure that you can take corrective action and prevent DMCA notices – keeping your network up and running.


Fantastic Support

DNSFilter is extremely customer focused. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive e-mail support.

Our knowledgeable and technically competent support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.


Affordable For Education

Schools and Universities are notoriously under constant budget limitations – often struggling to keep up with technology changes and advancements. DNSFilter recognizes this and offers several ways to save. First – DNSFilter can be deployed district-wide in minutes, reducing the strain on the IT staff. Second – there is no hardware to purchase, maintain or license. Finally, DNSFilter offers some of the most affordable education pricing in the industry.