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DNSFilter has been ranked the No. 1 DNS filtering product by G2, Capterra, and Cybersecurity Breakthrough.

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The mosts important features of good DNS filtering

Easy Policy Creation

Creating a DNS filtering policy takes just 3 clicks. We allow our users to block 36 content categories, 6 threat categories, and ads and trackers. We also offer easy, one-click CIPA compliance.

Block Threats At the DNS Level

According to a recent report by public resolve Quad9, 35% of breaches could be blocked by using simple DNS filtering software. DNSFilter protects users from accessing malicious and suspicious sites that are the cause of nearly ⅓ of security incidents.

Flexible Deployment

We offer DNS filtering via agentless deployment—just point your network to our resolver—we’ll take it from there. Or easily install DNSFilter on individual devices for more granular tracking, reporting, and policy creation.

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Make a DNS filtering policy change in just 3 clicks

stop 35 percent of cyber attacks at the dns level

Stop 35% of cyber attacks at the DNS level

agentless dns filtering

Agentless deployment options

What is DNS filtering?

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How does DNSFilter perform DNS filtering?

At DNSFilter we use our proprietary AI tool, Webshrinker, to continuously scan more than 180,000,000 websites and determine their purpose and content type. We flag sites that potentially contain malware, ransomware, malvertising, or scams, and then allow our customers to block them. This creates a first-line-of-defense by between a click from a user, and serving the harmful page. Additionally, we allow for one-click blocking of domains less than 30 days old.

DNS Filtering Benefits

  • Stop threats before they hit your network
  • Granular control over how your network and devices are used
  • Insight into what types of threats might impact your network
  • Increased productivity by blocking time-waster sites
  • User-level reporting on sites and apps used by employees
  • Meet PDNS or CMMC compliance requirements around dns filtering protection
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