dnsfilter ai driven dns security

One-Click Application Blocking

With DNSFilter’s AppAware feature, you can block over 100 risky applications from being used on your network.
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DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Increase Your Organizational Security

A single website or application isn’t just one website—it’s a system of upwards of hundreds or thousands of domains that work together to send information back to its servers. Using intelligent app discovery, AppAware allows you to block all of the domains associated with a single app.

dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Block Intruders Coming From Remote Desktop Access

According to CrowdStrike’s 2021 Global Threat Hunting Report, more cyberattacks are relying on remote desktop apps for the entrypoint of their attacks. It’s one of the top ways hackers associated with the MITRE ATT&CK gained initial access to systems in 2021, and they continue to use these applications for further discovery and movement through victims’ systems. 

Blocking remote desktop applications on your company network is a vital step in cementing your zero trust policy. Even if these DNS requests are occurring on your network from a trusted device, you should never automatically trust these requests.

At DNSFilter, we see daily traffic to remote desktop applications averaging over 4 million DNS queries every day. Our users are already blocking 25% of these queries, likely because they recognize the threat they pose. AppAware allows you to easily filter out these applications with the click of a button instead of managing cumbersome block lists, so these apps are rendered useless on your network, stopping would-be hackers.

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
DNSFilter appaware
Remove Manual Work From Block List Maintenance ▼
If you want to truly block Discord to increase end user productivity (and not to mention increase security by blocking a site that is known for being a magnet for phishing attacks), this means you need to stay on top of any new domains that Discord starts using. The number might start small, only six, but as these companies grow they continue to add more domains.

We’ve seen applications with thousands associated domains. If you wanted to block Microsoft domains, Bing alone has over 50,000 associated domains—and that’s not even taking into account all of Microsoft’s other applications you might want to manage and block.

AppAware gives you the power to block what you need to without adding to your workload.
Block VPNs to avoid Filter Bypass ▼
Some might view VPNs as harmless tools used for remote office file access, but they’re also heavily used to bypass content filtering. Over half a million queries to VPN-related domains occur on our network daily, with only 10% of these attempts blocked. However, of the blocked access attempts, 85% are because a security filter was enabled.

When your users bypass the DNS security you have in place, you increase the likelihood that a threat will take hold of that device and possibly extend to the rest of your organization. Now you can choose from seven VPN and proxy applications to block once and for all.

Why is Filesharing so Dangerous? ▼
Peer-to-peer filesharing sites like the Pirate Bay, BitTorrent, and uTorrent are notorious for infecting computers with malware. Because the user on the other end providing you with content is external to your network, they should not be inherently trusted. This goes for professional applications such as Dropbox as well. What is hosted on these sites and shared isn’t always inspected and deemed secure—leaving your network open to compromise.
Messaging Applications Pose a Security Risk ▼
Discord, Signal, Snapchat, Telegram, and other messaging applications can be distractions for your organization and decrease productivity. But these sites are also magnets for hackers looking to prey on end users who aren’t thinking about the security of these applications. Allowing users to access these messaging applications on work devices can put your organization at risk if they are used as an entrypoint for malware or cryptomining. 

At the end of 2021, a Discord channel dedicated to cryptocurrency and NFTs was the target of a cryptojacking scheme. Meanwhile, threat actors also leveraged Telegram to launch phishing attacks and Snapchat, as well as other apps, are sometimes used to advertise the sale of illegally obtained PII. The only way to ensure your users aren’t accessing these cyber attack-prone applications is to block them at the DNS level.

Our AppAware feature provides you with 15 messaging applications to block at your discretion.

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DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Reporting on Applications, Not Domains

With our AppAware feature, you’ll now have insight into the specific applications your users are accessing. While you’ll still have visibility into the full query data, AppAware’s reporting allows you to easily roll up individual domains into an “application” view for a more streamlined view of your DNS data.

Instead of parsing through Google’s various domains, you can see all traffic to Google in an aggregated report.

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