Cost of a Data Breach
Carmella Arroyo
October 19, 2021

The cost of a data breach has risen every year. Companies are losing millions of dollars every day. Find out what mistakes corporations are making and how you can protect your company from becoming the next victim.

Zero-Click Apple Messenger Vulnerability: Critical Actions to Take
Peter Lowe
September 14, 2021

A zero-click vulnerability has been found on all Mac devices that use Apple Messenger. Update all of your devices, but you can get an extra layer of protection using DNSFilter's Trackers category.

Why Are Cyber Attacks On US Government Agencies A Concern?
Serena Raymond
September 9, 2021

Government cyber attacks are happening Cybercriminals, unfortunately, have a lot they can gain from infiltrating government agencies through online attacks. Not only can they impact government infrastructures, but they can steal secure credentials of government employees and citizens.

Privacy: The Future of Content Filtering
Peter Lowe
August 19, 2021

Personal data and information can be shared and sold everyday. Peter Lowe shares his thoughts about the future of privacy protection and internet tracking and other steps we can do to protect our information.

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