Free DNS Security For 60 Days: Securing Critical Infrastructure
Serena Raymond
May 12, 2021

We want to help protect our critical infrastructure. Organizations in the public sector get DNSFilter free for 60 days through the end of May.

DNSFilter to Sunset Usage-Based Pricing
Ken Carnesi
May 6, 2021

DNSFilter is transitioning our legacy, usage-based customers to per-user pricing beginning June 1, 2021.

DNSFilter’s Latest Hires
Asim Baksh
May 6, 2021

Our product just won’t stop growing, which means our team needs to grow too! Meet DNSFilter’s latest hires!

Fresno Unified School District Deployed DNSFilter To 35,000 Android Devices
Serena Raymond
April 28, 2021

“We needed a way to make sure that the kids are browsing safely,” Jeff said regarding the Companion Device Initiative. “Obviously we don't want to give out devices where students can browse inappropriate sites... So we wanted to make sure the kids’ experience was safe and secure and the parents feel at ease with the device, knowing that it is being protected.”

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