Brace Yourselves For Holiday Scams: Over 100x increase in Fake Amazon Sites
Serena Raymond
November 22, 2021

DNSFilter has uncovered a large number of scams prior to the holiday season, with many capitalizing on popular companies such as Amazon, FedEx, and DHL.

Active Directory Sync Tool: New Capabilities, Including Security & Dynamic Group Syncing
Aliese Alter
October 27, 2021

Updates to the DNSFilter Sync Tool are here. For those using on-premise AD and Azure AD, you’ll now have increased functionality.

Why We’re Keeping A Rotating 4-Day Work Week
Jen Ayers
October 8, 2021

We piloted it, and it was a hit. Here’s what we learned during our 4-day work week pilot and why we’re making the change permanent.

Celebrating 5 Years at DNSFilter: Daniel Areiza
Suritia Taylor
September 30, 2021

Daniel Areiza, Backend Developer for DNSFilter, is celebrating his 5 year work anniversary. We interviewed him to learn about his journey with the company.

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