Oetker Collection relies on DNSFilter to stop threats in real-time
Serena Raymond
February 26, 2021

Oetker Collection needed to rollout new content filtering software as the work-from-home shift became a reality. With DNSFilter, they're blocking threats in real-time thanks to DNSFilter's interstitial page feature. Find out what else they've been able to accomplish.

DNSFilter and Twingate work together to fully protect your organization and make Zero Trust Network Access a reality
Tony Huie
February 24, 2021

"In 2020 we saw a huge increase in the number of online threats targeting companies who have transitioned to a remote work environment. Our partnership with Twingate allows these companies to, through the use of our products, have access to true end-to-end threat protection while connecting from anywhere on earth. We're excited to partner with a zero-trust solution like Twingate that provides an alternative to traditional VPNs.” — Ken Carnesi, DNSFilter CEO

Protecting Students In Any Classroom Environment: anykey case study
Serena Raymond
December 8, 2020

Switzerland-based managed services company, anykey, has a customer base made up of 80% education clients. These schools have a variety of funding, depending on if they’re in smaller villages or major metro areas. They act as their customers’ IT administrators, handling Wi-Fi, security, training, and so much more.

“Stupid Easy” DNS Protection for MSPs: 5th Gear Technology Concepts Case Study
Serena Raymond
December 7, 2020

Glenn Porter is the president of 5th Gear Technology Concepts, a Managed Service Provider in Nashville, TN. When it comes to security, Glenn and 5th Gear are always looking to provide more value to their customers by adding extra layers of protection. They sought to mitigate risk and close cybersecurity gaps that are usually left when companies equip the bare minimum just to get by.

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