Protective DNS Providers: How do you choose?
Carmella Arroyo
September 10, 2021

Choosing the right PDNS provider can be what saves your organization from malicious threats or unwanted content but with several of them on the market, how do you choose?

How a C2 Server is Leveraged in a Botnet Command and Control Attack
Fikayo Adepoju
September 8, 2021

What is a command and control attack, and how can you prevent it? Discover how a C2 server works and what actions you can take.

Ads Vs. Trackers
Peter Lowe
September 1, 2021

At DNSFilter, we have both an advertising and tracking category to give you the freedom to block the sites you want to block. These categories can be found under “Extra Settings” when implementing a policy. Read on for details on why the differences between ads and trackers matter.

What is a DNS firewall?
Serena Raymond
August 24, 2021

To understand how a DNS firewall works (and how it protects your organization), we’ve created a short guide to answer all your burning questions.

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