Business Email Compromise (BEC): Protecting yourself and your business from online scams
Kory Underdown
May 19, 2022

BEC attacks can appear in many forms. They almost always target an individual in an attempt to collect important or confidential internal data. It might also involve posing as an executive or client to trick an employee into invoicing or wiring money directly to the scammer.‍ Are you prepared to defend against BEC?

Becoming AppAware: Introducing One-Click Application Blocking For Tighter Security Controls
Aliese Alter
February 17, 2022

AppAware is one-click application blocking and application discovery for DNSFilter. Block risky applications more easily than ever before with AppAware.

Over 100 Risky Applications: The Vulnerabilities You Can Mitigate with AppAware
Serena Raymond
February 17, 2022

Some applications are just riskier than others. They’re more likely to host malware or be the perfect place to launch a social engineering attack. That's why we've identified the top 100 risky applications, so you can block them more easily.

You Already Have a Bring Your Own Device Policy: What We've Discovered About How We Now Work
Serena Raymond
January 26, 2022

BYOD has been turned on its head. Since the move has been made to a remote-first workforce, we decided to look at the numbers.

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