Sneak Preview: N-able and DNSFilter Integration
Serena Raymond
May 3, 2021

The attack surface is growing. N-able partners will now have protection against phishing, ransomware, and zero day social engineering attacks thanks to DNSFilter's integration.

What is DNS Filtering? And How Can It Protect Me?
Serena Raymond
April 13, 2021

DNS filtering is a defense tool that prevents cybersecurity threats by following simple logic: if a website has something potentially dangerous within it, DNS filtering blocks a user from visiting it in the first place. It’s a zero-trust solution that leaves nothing to chance. 

Utah Wants To Block Porn On All Devices Statewide...Just How Would This Actually Work?
Jillian Kossman
March 23, 2021

In 2016 Utah’s governor, Gary Herbert, officially declared porn addiction a “public health crisis.” This resolution didn’t have any practical impact. But it signaled a state-level commitment to curbing porn consumption. Now in 2021, Utah's state legislature wants to block porn on new devices.

On the NSA and CISA’s Latest Protective DNS Selection Recommendations
Jen Ayers
March 19, 2021

Recently, the NSA (National Security Agency) and CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) published a guide to Protective DNS Service (PDNS). This is not the first time in 2021 alone that the NSA has made a recommendation related to enterprise-grade DNS...

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