Overcome Customer Security Skepticism with Unified Threat Management

Clients don't trust your security solutions, and closing sales has become an uphill battle. Adding another security product feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Here's how combining EDR and DNS filtering into a unified threat management system can calm client fears and streamline your sales pitch.

Understanding Client Skepticism

Many clients perceive multiple security solutions as complex and overwhelming. They wonder:

  • How can I trust a fragmented system to protect us?
  • Will this create more work for our already stretched IT team?

When clients are already grappling with numerous security threats, another complicated tool isn't what they want to hear.

Unified Threat Management: Why It Matters

Combining EDR with DNS filtering under one, unified threat management system simplifies security and builds client trust. Let's break down how.

Simplify and Strengthen Your Security Stack

Less Is More

Clients crave simplicity. By integrating DNS filtering with EDR, you offer:

  • Streamlined Security: A single system to address multiple vectors
  • Reduced Complexity: Easy management for your client’s IT team
  • Greater Efficiency: Real-time threat detection and response
  • Unified Visibility: One dashboard for all security events

Effective Threat Prevention

When EDR and DNS filtering work together, threats are stopped before they reach the endpoint.

  • EDR Strength: Identifies and mitigates threats on devices
  • DNS Filtering Benefit: Blocks access to malicious domains

With every additional layer of security, clients see exponential protection against threats.

Enhancing Threat Detection

Immediate Action

Speed is essential in threat detection. DNS filtering adds an early detection layer:

  • Instant Alerts: Real-time data on compromised sites
  • Proactive Measures: Blocks requests to harmful domains before they cause damage
  • Actionable Insights: Detailed threat reports delivered instantly

Clients feel reassured knowing that threats are managed immediately, reducing the time window for potential damage.

Easy Reporting and Compliance

Detailed Logging

Clients face increasing regulatory scrutiny. Unified threat management simplifies compliance:

  • Comprehensive Logs: Track all security events across networks and devices
  • Compliance Assurance: Automated reports align with industry standards
  • Simplified Audits: Easy access to documentation and reports


A cohesive system offers a clear view of the security landscape:

  • Centralized Data: All security information in one place
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies data interpretation for clients
  • Consistent Updates: Real-time visibility into threat and protection status

Building Trust with Clients

Transparent Security

Clients want transparency. Unified threat management:

  • Clear Communication: Explain the security strategy in simple terms
  • Demonstrable Proof: Show clients how each layer protects them
  • Trust Building: Transparency fosters confidence in your solution

Customer Success

Clients are reassured by success stories. Share:

  • Case Studies: Highlight how other clients benefit from the unified system
  • Testimonials: Real-world feedback builds credibility
  • Quantifiable Results: Data-driven proof of enhanced protection

Conclusion: Winning Over Clients with Unified Threat Management

Unified threat management simplifies selling cybersecurity:

  • Streamlined Approach: EDR and DNS filtering together reduce complexity
  • Enhanced Trust: A single, cohesive system is easier for clients to understand and trust
  • Barrier Removal: Integrated reports and data simplify compliance

Opt for a unified threat management approach to overcome client skepticism and close more sales.

These strategies can significantly impact your business, especially when combined with the power of DNSFilter.

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Overcome Customer Security Skepticism with Unified Threat Management Overcome Customer Security Skepticism with Unified Threat Management

Clients don't trust your security solutions, and closing sales has become an uphill battle. Adding another security product feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

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