DNSFilter Domain Threat Report 2021

Nation-state attacks. Cryptocurrency. The pandemic. These are just a few of the trends that defined cybersecurity over the last year. We've compiled research based on these trends in our annual Domain Threat Report.

Our findings include:
dnsfilter ai powered dns security

Which Country-code Top-Level Domains serve the most threats

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

How crypto and NFT trends have shifted the threat landscape

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

Why new domains pose such a great risk to security

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

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Malicious Domain Traffic Isn't Slowing Down

In the Data Breach section of our domain report, we focus on three major breaches that occurred between the end of 2020 and mid-2021.

We investigate the 1,200 domains associated with the Kaseya breach, the rise of malware domains across our network, queries that occurred on our network related to the SUNBURST and Silver Sparrow attacks, and more.

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