Beyond Hackers in hoodies:

DNSFilter 2022 Mid-Year Cybersecurity Review

At DNSFilter, we continue to stay on top of interesting threat patterns observed on our network. This has helped us detect growing threat concerns and communicate them to our users accordingly. 

Inside this report, you’ll see there’s been significant increases in botnet, DDoS, and phishing attacks, often on critical systems and infrastructure. 

cybersecurity report 2022

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We’ve seen significant increases across threat types in 2022 from our global network processing 27 billion daily queries over the last six months:

cybersecurity report 2022

200% increase in malware traffiC

cybersecurity report 2022

300% increase in phisHing traffic

cybersecurity report 2022

1200% increase in botnet traffic

And it doesn’t look like there’s any chance of these attacks slowing down anytime soon.

cybersecurity review 2022