DNSFilter for Education

Hundreds of K-12 schools and higher education institutions look to DNSFilter for top tier content filtering and threat protection at a budget friendly price.

Content Filtering

While the internet is increasingly becoming a key component of curriculum, unfiltered access can result in students accessing inappropriate or harmful content. DNSFilter’s content filtering component allows you to introduce and enforce an acceptable use policy in minutes, without requiring any hardware appliances or software installed on each device.

Start building your web content filtering policy by selecting the categories you want to block. Simply tell DNSFilter what type of websites you want to block - Adult Content, Illegal Content, Streaming Media, Chat & Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc. - and we’ll do the rest. Our proprietary internet filtering algorithms intelligently categorize sites so you don’t have to constantly maintain a list of blocked sites. You can even enforce Google SafeSearch, YouTube restricted mode, and block uncategorized/unknown sites so nothing slips through the cracks.

Additionally, DNSFilter is the only content filtering provider that has an intelligent learning algorithm which allows for real time categorization of unknown domains. This crucial piece of technology is what allows DNSFilter to achieve the highest rate of content filtering effectiveness in the industry.

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