Powerful Application, Beautiful Interface

While DNSFilter’s content filtering and threat protection is powerful enough for networks of any size or complexity, the interface is refreshingly clean and intuitive.

With the click of a button, DNSFilter lets you get the big picture or the fine details about your network traffic and web security. Get minute-by-minute usage statistics from the main dashboard, or delve deep into the powerful reporting module for even more insight. DNSFilter’s simple, lightweight graphing and data display allows you to clearly visualize usage patterns and top destinations on each network or across all your networks.

You’ll get cogent reports on all the details that matter:

Network Usage - Get details and trends for total requests, queries per second, most active networks, and top requests.

Security Report - Quantify the level of protection you’re delivering to your networks and identify the source and frequency of attacks against your networks

Billing Report - Estimate the costs of your network protection and content filtering with concrete numbers based on usage

You can tell management that it only took you a few seconds to crunch these numbers if you want. But if you’d rather come off as a data analyst rock star, that’ll be our secret.

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