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User & Roaming Client Reports

Your workforce isn’t 100% on-site anymore. Between shared devices and employees working from home, your workers are everywhere. If you want to dive into your network data, the ability to see individual users and Roaming Clients is essential. Get information on how individuals are using their machines so you can create the right policies, block lists, and better troubleshoot internal IT tickets.

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Drill Down to Raw Endpoint Data

Discover vulnerabilities, analyze DNS query data, and get a full-range of details about each and every DNS request from MAC address to response time. Insights provides you with as much detail as you need to uncover anomalies and learn more about your individual network.

Detailed Category Reports

Review aggregate data for your whole organization or isolate a single site—it’s up to you. Sort by categories you’re interested in, and review raw DNS queries for a particular category. You’ll be able to discover trends as well as information about which users, Roaming Clients, or sites are visiting these domains.

A Snapshot of Your Networks

Sometimes all you need is an at-a-glance view for a high-level understanding of what’s going on, on your network: An easy way to catch anomalies and track network usage. Not to mention, an appealing and intuitive way to share data with upper-management or clients.

With Insights Reporting, our overview page will give you a true snapshot of everything happening on your network. You'll be able to track things day-by-day and only dig in when you need (or want) to.

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More Granular Visibility

Dive into user domain and threat analytics in the DNSFilter reporting dashboard to gain valuable insight into what users are spending time on.

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