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Protective DNS (PDNS)

The NSA and CISA recommend that companies should implement protective DNS. It’s only fitting that government agencies take their own advice and put PDNS in action by applying DNS security across all of their devices. As an entity susceptible to attacks, government organizations need to proactively defend themselves against would-be attackers.
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DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Government bodies are vulnerable to ransomware attacks

It’s no secret that government agencies are vulnerable to cyber attacks. They house valuable information that outside attackers would love to get their hands on. But it’s not just data winding up in the wrong hands that’s the problem when it comes to attacks on government organizations. An attack could render an agency without their usual computer systems for days or weeks, resulting in major downtime.

Of the malware attacks that government agencies were the victim of in 2020, 61% were ransomware attacks per Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report. 33% of the data compromised were credentials and 14% was internal data. The top recommendation for governments based on the types of attacks they’re vulnerable for is “Boundary Defense.”

Like Verizon says, that’s “not just firewalls, this Control includes things like network monitoring.” That’s where DNSFilter fits in. Put protection in place for every click to give your government organization visibility into DNS traffic and a PDNS solution that any network should have.

dnsfilter ai driven dns security

33% of all government attacks compromise credentials

dnsfilter ai driven dns security

61% of government cyber attacks are ransomware attacks

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

From the traditional office to

remote deployments

Government employees are everywhere, which means your infrastructure is more than just a firewall in a single office. Government agencies need to cast a wide net over the entire IT architecture to shield employees from the looming threat of a coordinated ransomware attack.

With DNSFilter, you can deploy a single solution in a multitude of ways. That means you get uniform protection for your entire organization, even if it means securing legacy devices that are decades old and the cutting-edge technology you just installed weeks ago.We have three different ways to deploy DNSFilter, and you can use all of them in tandem if that’s what your agency requires to protect your employees.

Global network

DNSFilter is one of the fastest DNS resolvers in the world, and No. 1 in North America according to

Our massive, global anycast network has the most datacenters in the industry with nearly 300 servers in 50 cites. This allows you to deploy the same protection, with comparable speeds anywhere.

We’ve engineered an intelligent, global anycast network that allows us to automatically scale, heal, and route your requests to the most responsive location, giving you reliable uptime.

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Awesome Features

Insightful Reporting

Whether you need an at-a-glance overview of your network or the drill-down-to-the-nitty-gritty type of details, DNSFilter gives you the insights you need with our reporting. Easy-to-use, intuitive, with clear visualizations to share across departments. Take advantage of our top threat reports, query log, and overall activity reports.

Mobile Roaming Clients

DNSFilter has mobile and desktop Roaming Clients on every major platform.

With employees out on the road using tablets and other mobile devices, it’s necessary that all of their internet usage be secured. And they need a reliable network. With DNSFilter’s Roaming Clients, you can deploy DNS protection to individual mobile devices.

These Roaming Clients give you enhanced control, visibility, and reporting of all the devices in use by your organization. You never have to worry about installing patches, because your filtering policies are stored in the cloud.

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Protect on-premise hardware

DNSFilter is a cloud solution, but that doesn’t mean we only protect cloud infrastructures. Our DNS protection has the ability to secure even the oldest government hardware. Install DNSFilter on your network and you can start protecting your legacy hardware today.

Fantastic Support

We’re extremely customer focused because we want to do right by our customers. At DNSFilter, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive email support.

Our knowledgeable and technical support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.

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dnsfilter ai driven dns security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
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