On The Cybercall on July 20, a question was raised: How much should MSPs be communicating with their customers? How much is too much? And when you do reach out, how do you explain the value of what you’re telling them without making them hear complete static? This question around MSP communication isn’t new by […]

With the launch of Roaming Clients we thought we would share a few frequently asked questions: What exactly is a Roaming Client? A Roaming Client is a tiny piece of software that is installed on a device, where it always runs in the background. It’s primary job is to do two things: Ensure all device…

New MSP Global Dashboard

Josh Lamb
May 17, 2019
See all your customers from a single view We get being an MSP. In fact DNSFilter was started by one. We also listen to our customers, and one of your top requests was a single view for all your customers. Now you can: Visualize traffic across all your organizations View the top requested domains across…