The Rural Tech Fund: Giving Away a Golden Ticket
Serena Raymond
December 8, 2021

This holiday season, DNSFilter is proud to support the Rural Technology Fund and their second annual 2021 Golden Ticket Fundraiser.

What It Takes To Run A Remote Company
Ken Carnesi
November 2, 2020

DNSFilter has always been a remote company. With businesses moving remote in 2020, CEO Ken Carnesi has put together this guide for running a remote company.

How to Determine Your Cybersecurity Budget
Serena Raymond
June 8, 2020

Cyber attacks threaten companies with persistence and regularity, making cybersecurity budgets a business necessity. We walk you through cybersecurity budgeting basics for SMBs.

DNSFilter Wins ASCII Fast Pitch Competition in Toronto
Josh Lamb
August 28, 2019

ASCII Toronto was our first trade show on foreign soil and it was a resounding success! We got the chance to meet and mingle with many new, potential customers. DNSFilter was entered into ASCII’s “Rapid Pitch” competition along with 5 other vendors to see who would give the best 3-minute pitch. The competition was tough,…

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