Business Email Compromise (BEC): Protecting yourself and your business from online scams
Kory Underdown
May 19, 2022

BEC attacks can appear in many forms. They almost always target an individual in an attempt to collect important or confidential internal data. It might also involve posing as an executive or client to trick an employee into invoicing or wiring money directly to the scammer.‍ Are you prepared to defend against BEC?

Protecting Students In Any Classroom Environment: anykey case study
Serena Raymond
December 8, 2020

Switzerland-based managed services company, anykey, has a customer base made up of 80% education clients. These schools have a variety of funding, depending on if they’re in smaller villages or major metro areas. They act as their customers’ IT administrators, handling Wi-Fi, security, training, and so much more.

LanSchool and DNSFilter Partner To Protect Students Online
Serena Raymond
August 4, 2020

In 2020, we’ve seen how vital remote education is. DNSFilter is proud to partner with LanSchool to help protect students from online threats.

Class in Session: 5 Reasons You Need Content Filtering For Your Schools
Serena Raymond
April 23, 2020

When it comes to content filtering, schools have very unique requirements. Not only do they need to restrict access to certain websites, but they need to restrict that access on devices they do and don’t control. And sometimes? Those devices they own leave the premises.

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