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Serena Raymond is the Content Marketing Manager at DNSFilter. She's been working in the SaaS industry since 2016.
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Oetker Collection relies on DNSFilter to stop threats in real-time
February 26, 2021

Oetker Collection needed to rollout new content filtering software as the work-from-home shift became a reality. With DNSFilter, they're blocking threats in real-time thanks to DNSFilter's interstitial page feature. Find out what else they've been able to accomplish.

How To Prevent Phishing Attacks
February 16, 2021

In 2019, 88% of organizations around the world that were surveyed were the target of a spear phishing attack. With the rise of phishing attacks in recent years, malware has taken a back seat.

SUNBURST Attack: Tracking Down DNS Requests to Malicious Sites
January 14, 2021

Last month, the SUNBURST attack on SolarWinds Orion, FireEye, and various government agencies shook cybersecurity. The unprecedented attack has remained in the news consistently, despite taking place a month ago. On January 5 of this year, US intelligence officially pointed the finger at Russia being the one behind the attack. How did we get here?

Protecting Students In Any Classroom Environment: anykey case study
December 8, 2020

Switzerland-based managed services company, anykey, has a customer base made up of 80% education clients. These schools have a variety of funding, depending on if they’re in smaller villages or major metro areas. They act as their customers’ IT administrators, handling Wi-Fi, security, training, and so much more.

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