Peter Lowe
Peter Lowe is the Domain Intelligence Lead at DNSFilter. He is responsible for managing threat intelligence feeds, researching new security features, and works closely with domain classification.
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Peter Lowe
The Spectre in the Room: Let’s Talk About DNS Abuse
January 12, 2023

"DNS Abuse" as a term covers all forms of online threats related to the DNS, but the exact definition has been a matter of debate for some years.

Principal Security Researcher's Take on the ICANN75 AGM
October 26, 2022

FIRST, the Forum of Incident Responders and Security Teams, is a global organization that helps incident responders and other cybersecurity folk get together and help each other out. I represent FIRST as the DNS Abuse Ambassador, and they recently sent me to Kuala Lumpur for the ICANN75 AGM. It was indeed a time of a lot of firsts (hah) for me—first time in Kuala Lumpur, first ICANN meeting (the 75th meeting and AGM at that!), and the first time I was properly representing FIRST in person.

The Challenge of Defining DNS Abuse
May 24, 2022

DNS Abuse is a pretty widely used term. On the surface, it might seem like a simple term that's easily understood. But when you look more closely, the definition depends on your perception of the issue—and can be defined both broadly, or more narrowly.

Trackers: Privacy vs. Usability
September 21, 2021

Often, you need to make a choice: Privacy or usability. In this post, Pete Lowe explains how DNS (and DNSFilter) fits into your choice to prioritize privacy or usability.

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Anycast Resolution Latency and Our Commitment to Transparency

Addressing DNS resolution latency issues that occurred on March 23, 2023. Chief Product Officer Dave Raphael shares the details and his thoughts on transparency

Imposter Syndrome: AI, to Be or Not to Be (Phished)

Popular AI tools like ChatGPT are great... until they're not.

Unmasking Roaming Mantis: The Mobile Malware Menace You Need to Know About

Roaming Mantis infects mobile devices through app downloads and redirects their internet traffic to malicious servers, then installs additional malware.

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