Peter Lowe
Peter Lowe is the Domain Intelligence Lead at DNSFilter. He is responsible for managing threat intelligence feeds, researching new security features, and works closely with domain classification.
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Peter Lowe
The Challenge of Defining DNS Abuse
May 24, 2022

DNS Abuse is a pretty widely used term. On the surface, it might seem like a simple term that's easily understood. But when you look more closely, the definition depends on your perception of the issue—and can be defined both broadly, or more narrowly.

Trackers: Privacy vs. Usability
September 21, 2021

Often, you need to make a choice: Privacy or usability. In this post, Pete Lowe explains how DNS (and DNSFilter) fits into your choice to prioritize privacy or usability.

Zero-Click Apple Messenger Vulnerability: Critical Actions to Take
September 14, 2021

A zero-click vulnerability has been found on all Mac devices that use Apple Messenger. Update all of your devices, but you can get an extra layer of protection using DNSFilter's Trackers category.

Ads Vs. Trackers
September 1, 2021

At DNSFilter, we have both an advertising and tracking category to give you the freedom to block the sites you want to block. These categories can be found under “Extra Settings” when implementing a policy. Read on for details on why the differences between ads and trackers matter.

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