DNSFilter is a venture-backed startup that provides edge-layer security via DNS for modern companies that are no longer tied to a central office. They protect over 15,000 organizations from ransomware, phishing, botnet, and other cybersecurity threats—all while running on the fastest network within the DNS security industry. DNSFilter identifies threats up to 154 hours faster than competitors, and uniquely categorizes more than 47% of domain-based threats, including zero-day threats.
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Paul Vixie and Peter Lowe on Why DoH is Politically Motivated
November 10, 2021

DNSFilter and Farsight Security (now acquired by DomainTools) teamed up on November 9th to discuss DNS encryption, with a special emphasis on DNS-over-HTTPS, or DoH. Below is a full transcript of the webinar. In this webinar, Paul Vixie and Peter Lowe tackle the political motivations behind DoH and why it's the most popular encryption method at the moment—and why other methods may be more favorable.

[DNSFilter September Newsletter] You updated your iPhone, right?
September 15, 2021

The DNSFilter monthly update: A zero-click vulnerability impacting Apple devices, "What's a C2 server?", the DNSFilter Relay, and more.

A Statement on the Kaseya Ransomware Attack
July 6, 2021

On Friday July 2, 2021 there was a ransomware attack targeting MSP vendor Kaseya and their customers. Here is DNSFilter’s response.

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